Finally completed my story of the time I spent with the Purdue Wrestling team and its journey to the Big Ten Championships in Madison, Wis. on March 8, 2014. Here is a link to the full gallery 

Finally “Awake” – Tycho 

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"YOU were supposed to be GONE at midnight!"

March 21, 03/21/1920

From the Berryman Political Cartoon Collection

"Miss Spring" admonishes "Old Man Winter," who has lingered a bit too long.

Happy First Day of Spring!


#NHLBruins to wear these hats during warmups tonight to honor and support BFD



Words by: Ernest Baker

I can’t trust anybody who actually knew how to play the Pokémon card game. Like, if you knew how to use an Energy card, please get the fuck away from me. It’s not that I’m trying to impose superficial judgments on people who played the card game, but I do think that anyone who did missed out on the real lesson of it all. Pokémon cards were strictly for collection, display, and stunt purposes. Before we had to think about car payments, rent, or vacations, these little cards informed our taste level and outlook. In a way, they taught us a lot about the basic, surface level values that define adulthood. The Pokémon card trade advocated ideals centered around: Get what you want, take what you need, and use what you have to your advantage. Anyone who’s winning later in life is likely operating by the same code.

The official Pokémon card game wasn’t wack because I was too cool for it or anything. On occasion, yes, I was the archetypal adolescent male, spending a lot of time outside riding bikes, playing football, and all of the other fun stuff that society tells you that you’re supposed to enjoy as a youth, but my generation marked a shift in the status quo. During that brief moment in life where you practically have no responsibilities (peaking with the time from Summer 1999 to Summer 2000, in my case), I spent many hours cooped up indoors, nerding out. I was playing Metal Gear Solid, Crash Team Racing, Ape Escape, Syphon Filter, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. I was playing those fucking games for so long that I remember at least a dozen occurrences where my parents looked at me in disdain for it. I was told to turn off the game, get some fresh air, get outside, and be a kid, and I know a lot of people who heard the same speech. The Boomers that our parents were, they were still under the impression of the old guard; video games signaled antisocial disorder and inadequacy. Video games didn’t have cultural merit yet. We were months away from a PlayStation 2 that played DVDs and legitimized systems to the mainstream. Prior to that, too much gaming meant that something was wrong with you.




The Great Gatsby VFX [Spoiler Warning]

My name is Chris Godfrey and I was the VFX supervisor on the film.

Baz has graciously agreed to let us release this ‘before and afters’ reel to show our peer group the VFX work completed on his film ‘The Great Gatsby’. While this specific reel was the work of Animal Logic (as my primary vendor), in total I worked with 7 vendors including Animal Logic, Rising Sun and Iloura in Australia, ILM in San Francisco and also Prime Focus and Method Vancouver. We also ran an amazing internal SWAT team that completed over 400 shots. Congratulations to all who did such fabulous work on almost 1500 shots.

Many thanks to Baz, CM, Catherine Knapman, Chris DeFaria and Mark Brown - and of course Prue Fletcher and Joyce Cox.


Amazing movie.

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Kevan Miller dropped the mitts with Montreal’s Travis Moen during the first period of tonight’s matchup. #NHLBruins



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